Coming Soon
Dolls & Etc is creating a new and exciting website where you will find everything needed for doll making and repair.  The business name, Dolls &
Etc, will remain the same. The new website,,  will have new items added every day but is ready for you to visit!

We are an on-line store with a physical location in Mukwonago, Wisconsin, U.S.A., with
three floors covering all aspects for the creation of heirloom quality porcelain dolls and
gifts.  When visiting our store you will have the opportunity to see a wonderful selection of
porcelain dolls, each lovingly hand crafted using the finest materials.  You will find
everything you need to meet your doll making needs including porcelain slip, china paints,
doll clothing and repair supplies.

We carry wigs, shoes, socks and hats. Each doll is unique with no two created alike.  We
design doll clothing and also carry a supply of ready to purchase clothing.  Furniture
selections include old-fashioned bikes, carriages, chairs and more.

  • Products safe for the environment
  • In business since 1967
  • Call  Cel #262.363.4302
On the main level you will find a showroom of dolls ready for purchase. We carry manufactured
dolls as well as artist dolls produced by local artists.
  Come and look in the windows of Dolls & Etc.
4G Ceramics Etc
Four  generation craft business
New Division of Dolls & Etc
Ceramics: Ready to Paint Greenware, Bisque or Finished Items
Porcelain: Ready to paint Soft Fired Greenware, Bisque or Finished Items