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Antique, Vintage and Artist Doll Mold Companies
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Type of Dolls
Antique/Vintage Dolls/Porcelain
Lace draoe and ceramic
Bec Molds_12
Antique Dolls
Bell Molds-05        
Antique/Artist Dolls/Porcelain
  Bil Mac Molds-29        
Antique Dolls
  Blumberg-09    /
Vintage Dolls
Bryron Molds
Antique/Artist Dolls
  Doll Artworks-58
Lasting Impressions
Collectible Doll Company-48        
Antique/Artist Doll
Antique Dolls
Doll House Molds, (DH) -03
Antique Dolls
  Dolls & Etc-99        
Antique/Vintage Dolls
Antique/Vintage Dolls
  Dona's Molds-03       
Antique/Artist Dolls
Doll Art Work-58
  Duncan Molds-15      
Antique/Vintage Dolls
  EJ Molds-21     
Vintage Dolls
Antique Dolls
Antique Dolls
Antique/Vintage Dolls
Antique/Artist Dolls
  Irmas's Gallry Molds-41       
Antique/Artist Doll
  Jones-Magnolia Molds-38        
Antique/Vintage Dolls
  Kaye Wiggs,
Christine McDonald,
Antique Dolls
McNees molds-08        
Antique/Vintage Dolls/Porcelain
  Mystic Molds-24       
Antique Dolls/Vintage
  Nancy Mold-35      
Antique Dolls
  National Art Craft Molds-16
Antique Dolls/Vintage/Figurines
  Olivia Molds-02       
Antique Dolls
Sam Molds-04
Antique Dolls
Antique/Artist Dolls
  Seeley/ NYDP Molds-02
Antique Dolls/Vintage/Artis
  Victoria Station-11
Antique Dolls
  Victory Molds-90
Antique Dolls
Antique Artist
ABG - Alt, Beck & Gottschalck Dolls 1854-1930 German
Albert Schoenhut & Company 1872-1935
All Bisque Dolls, Figurines 1860+ Knotters
Andre Thuillier Dolls 1875-1893 French
Armand Marseille Dolls 1885-1950s German
Arranbee R & B Dolls 1922-1961
Bahr & Proschild Dolls 1871-1919 German
Bru Jne et Cie Dolls 1866-1899 French
Bruno Schmidt Dolls 1898-1930s German
CF Kling Dolls 1834-1941 German
C. M. Bergmann Dolls 1888-1931 German
Century Doll Company 1909-1928 German
Cuno & Otto Dressel Dolls 1789-1942 German
C.F. Kling & Co., Germany.1870
Demheim, Koch & Fischer-1860-1900
Danel et Cie Bebe 1889-1895 French French
DeFuisseaux Dolls 1909-1913 Belgium,
Albert Marque, J. Van Rosen and Marion Kaulitz  
DEP Dolls 1880s+ French
Effanbee F & B Dolls 1910-1939
Ernst Heubach Dolls 1887-1932+ German
Eugene Barrois Dolls 1844-1875 French
François Gaultier Dolls 1860-1899 French
Franz Schmidt Dolls 1890-1937 German
Gebruder Heubach Dolls 1843-1938 German
George Borgfeldt Dolls 1881-1959 German
Halopeau - H Mold Dolls 1882-1889 French
Heinrich Handwerck Dolls 1876-1932 German
Henri Alexandre Dolls 1889-1895 French
Henri Delacroix dolls 1865-1887
Hertel, Schwab & Company Dolls 1910-1930+ German
Hertwig & Company Dolls 1864-1941 German
Henri Alexandre Dolls 1889-1895 French
(Phénix Bébé )
Horsman Dolls(Edward Imeson Horsman) 1904-1920s German
JDK, Kestner Dolls 1820-1938 German
John Bevington at Kensington
Jules Nicholas Steiner Dolls 1855-1908 French
Jules Verlingue Dolls 1915-1920s French
Jullien 1863-1904 French
Jumeau Bebes 1842-1958 French
Kammer & Reinhardt Dolls 1886-1932 German
Kewpie Dolls 1913+ by Rosie O'Neill
Kley & Hahn Dolls 1895-1931 Germany
Kling Dolls 1834-1941 German
Louis Amberg Dolls 1878-1930 German
Louis Wolf & Co. 1870-1928 German
May Frere Bebe Mascotte Dolls 1899
Morimura Brothers Japan Nippon Dolls 1915-1926
Mothereau Bebes 1880-1895 French
Maison Rohmer Dolls 1857-1880 French
Nymphenburg dolls 1761-1925
Pintel & Godchaux Dolls 1887-1899+ French
Rabery & Delphieu 1856-1899 French
Schmitt et Fils Bebe 1854-1891 French
Schoenau & Hoffmeister Dolls 1901-1953 German
Simon & Halbig Dolls 1839-1943 German
Société Française de Fabrication de Bébé & Jouets 1899-1958  French
Swaine & Company Dolls 1854-1927 German
Theodor Recknagel Dolls 1893-1930 German
Limbach Porzellanfabrik Dolls 1772-1937 German
Arranbee R & B Dolls 1922-1961
All Bisque Dolls, Figurines 1860+ Knotters
Socket Head: Head cradles in the neck of porcelain or composition body, and Shoulder plate.
Shoulder head: head and shoulder are one complete part; usually attachés to a cloth, vinyl, leather or rare wood body
Modern Body Jointed=MB-JALT, Modern Body=MB-ALT, Baby Body=BB-ALT, Toddler Body=TB-ALT, Cloth Body=CB, French Body Jointed=FB-JALT,
SFBJ(French) Body Jointed=SFBJB-JALT, German Body Ball Jointed=GB-BJALT,
A.Marque Body Jointed=AMB-JALTH=Head or Shoulderhead or A=Arms or Hand, L=Legs, S=Shoulder Plate, T=Torso
Cloth body with porcelain arms=CA     Cloth body with porcelain arms & legs=CAL    Cloth body with porcelain arms, legs & shoulder plate=CALS
NOTE: If not in stock, the soft-fired green ware takes three weeks from pouring to send out; 1 week to pour, 1 week to dry and 1 week
to soft fire, for bisque another week.

The prices do not always include shipping or packaging charges.  Because of the changes constantly being made in the costs of shipping,
the shipping charges cannot be figured on your order until it is packaged, weighed and measured.  Because of this, the price of your order
including the packaging charges will be billed when your order is placed and the shipping charges billed just prior to shipping.   Packaging
charges are determined by the type and size of your order.

You will then receive the shipping amount which must be paid before your order is shipped out to you.  Any breakage must be reported  
within 24 hours of receipt of your parcel.
Dolls by modern artists are poured in French Bisque.  Antique reproduction dolls are poured in Lady White unless specified. Additional
colors, of limited availability, can be specified for an additional cost; Aztec Tan, French Chocolate and Brown Velvet.
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