About Us

Elizabeth is certified in doll making and owner of  Dolls &  Etc.  
She provides the highest quality of service in doll making and
porcelain gifts. You will find everything from molds, porcelain
slip, china paints, tools, and greenware that includes over 4000
doll molds.  She carries a large assortment of doll accessories
including wigs, shoes, hosiery, clothing, bodies, and patterns.
Regular Weekly Class Hours
  • Tuesday Evening         6:30pm -  9:00pm
  • Wednesday Morning    9:30pm -  12:00pm
  • Wednesday Afternoon 1:30pm -  4:00pm
  • Saturday Morning      9:30am - 12:00pm   

Lace Drape Classes
  • Saturday Afternoons   1:30pm - 4:00pm
If you are interested in a different day or evening class, please
email me at
elizabeth@dollsetc.net, and I will put your name
on a wait list.  Once I have a large enough interest, we will
schedule a class around the majority of class interest.
    Elizabeth Langenbach
In Business 1967-2019
I take students from beginner to advanced.  My class size is
limited to eight students per class so that I can give individual
I teach the soft fired wet cleaning method.  There isn't any
porcelain dust or dry cleaning method used in my studio.  
You learn how to clean your porcelain doll, cut and size eyes,
paint and put your doll together all at your own pace.
This is a great time to relax and enjoy the art of doll making
and gifts.  You pick the doll or items you want to make and
begin the wonderful journey.
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