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Porcelain Slip
  For over 50 years, dollmakers and porcelain artists used Seeley’s porcelain slip to create the world’s most beautiful pieces. Artists knew that when they started with Seeley’s porcelain slip they started with
the best. That’s because only the finest  ingredients were used and each batch was tested to make sure it matched exacting standards. After extensive testing by ceramic engineers and experienced artists, the slip
is thoroughly blended and then undergoes a two-step filtration process.
  3 liter bag boxed for shipping
Includes Domestic US priority shipping

The finest porcelain formulas, once produced by Seeley's
Easy to mix and pour!

Seeley's fine grade, no talc porcelain slip cast easily release quickly, and is
strong in the greenware.  They polish to satin sheen in the bisque and take
china paint beautifully.  Seeley Slip is ideal slip for the dollmaker, porcelain
artist and lace-draping

Our 3 litre (14lb) bag is boxed for easy handling and environmentally better
than petroleum-based jugs.
How to open your slip package
1. Stir well.
2. Use slightly damp molds. Spray or "mist" the inside of the mold with distilled water to dampen.
3. Band mold tightly and pour slowly and steadily against one side of the pour hole. Pour the slip all the way to the top ofthe mold, then let it "shrink" a bit and top it off.
4. Check thickness of the casting at the pour hole to determine the right moment to drain.
5. After the slip has reached the desired thickness inside the mold, generally 118" (2-3mm) thick, empty it back into its container slowly and continuously.
6. Leave the mold with pour hole down for additional draining. If you do not have a pouring table, let the mold rest slightly tilted on a stick. The amount of time your leave the casting inside the mold varies, but
in most cases, the casting can be taken out within 20-60 minutes.
7. If a mold won't release the casting, don't force it. Leave it in a little longer, then try again. Try lifting the back half of the mold first. Wait 5-IO minutes to give the greenware a chance to shrink further; then
remove the other side of the mold. Let the back of the cast head or piece fall into your cupped hand. Don't wear jewelry or hand cream.

Soft firing bisque for Dust Free Cleaning To clean your fired casting without producing dust, you should soft-fire your greenware to cone 018 (Approx. 1285°F to 1386°F, 697°C to 753°C). The Dust Free
Cleaning technique considerably reduces health hazards in the handling of porcelain.

KEY) Kiln sitter operation: Place a small cone 018 in the kiln sitter, set your kiln on Low, and fire with peepholes open for one hour. Turn the temperature up to Medium, with peepholes still open, until the
kiln shuts off automatically. Controller operation: Set your controller to increase in temperature at a rate of 3000°F (I648°C) per hour until it reaches 1385°F (752°C). Leave peepholes open until the kiln shuts
off After the soft-fired ware is cool, submerge in water and clean it while it's wet - you won't have a speck of dust.

Bisque firing Kiln sitter operation: Fire on Low for 1-2 hours, peepholes open. Fire on Medium for 2-3 hours, peepholes open. (If pieces have been soft-fired, omit Low and start your kiln on Medium firing IO
minutes with lid and peepholes open. Shut the lid and fire 4 hours. Then proceed to High.) Close all peepholes, set on High and fire until kiln sitter shuts kiln off.

Seeley's colored porcelains For all colors except Pure, Pearl, and Nordic White, follow these directions. Cone firing: Use junior cone 6 in the kiln sitter. Use witness cones 5, 6, and 7 on the kiln shelf After
firing, cone 5 should be touching on the shelf, cone 6 should be bent to a 9 to 10 0'clock position and cone 7 should not have bent at all. Controller firing: Set the controller to fire 500°F (260°C) per hour to
2000°F (10940C). Then set controller to fire IOO°F (38°C) per hour to 2l85°F (II9rC). Final temperature range: 2l70°F to 2I90°F (1 189°C to I200°C).
Seeley's white porcelains For Pure, Pearl, and Nordic White. Cone firing: Use a junior cone 7 in the kiln sitter. Use witness cones 5, 6, and 7 on the shelf After firing, cone 5 should be down hard (lying on shelf),
cone 6 should be touching the shelf, and cone 7 should have started to bend. Controller firing: Set the controller to fire 500°F (260°C) per hour to 2000°F (I094°C). Then set the controller to fire IOO°F (38°C)
per hour to 2205°F (1 208°C). Final temperature range is 2I90°F to 2205°F (1 200°C to I2lI°C).
3 liter bag includes US shipping
Choose Color
Oriental Flesh: PS-9 Warm oriental
skin-tone Color
Dresden Flesh:  PS-8 Creamy, lighter
skin tone than Seeley's French Bisque.
Popular for baby dolls and some early
French reproduction dolls.
Pure Parian: Whitest and most
Azur Blue:  PS-11G,  Light blue, softer
than Wedgewood Blue.
Lilac Haze: Soft lilac color
Satin Yellow: PS-7 Yellow Strong yellow
Shell Pink: PS-14,  Soft, rose color, used
often for figurines.
Naturelle: PS-26* Skin tone. Darker than
Seeley's French Bisque, lighter than
American Bisque. Perfect for modern dolls.
Matching china paints: DGBG07 Naturelle
Glow, DGKS05 Naturelle Kiss.
Bone White:  PS-2 Creamy
white. Popular for figurines,
ornaments, and other decorative
items. Modeling our porcelain slip is
The Littlest Angel
Pearl White: PS-3 Second only
to Pure White in whiteness. Popular
for dolls and figurines.
Aztec Tan: PS-23* Golden skin
tone for many Mediterranean,
American Indian, and Latin
complexions. Matching china paints:
DGBGOB Aztec Glow.
Brown Velvet: S-6* Specially
developed for black dolls. Dark
brown. Matching china paint:
DGBG09 Brown Velvet Glow.
French Chocolate: PS-19*
Creamy, mellow chocolate tone for
lighter brown and ethnic dolls.
Matching china paints: DGBG05
Cappuccino Glow, DGKS07
Mulberry Kiss, DGSD02 French
Chocolate Shade.
Indian Flesh: Rich
Indian-red tone
French Bisque:  PS-1, Caucasian
skin-tone. Available in regular (PS-1) and
Extended Range (PS-100) for wider firing
performance. Matching china paint:
DGBG01 Body Glow, DGKS01
Melonberry Kiss.
Lady White: Very white and
especially developed for dolls painted
with overall wash
3 liter bag includes US shipping
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