Modern Artist and Mold Companies
Alberta Molds-13
Angela Ferrow-06
Anne DeMatino-46
Ark Molds-62
Audrey Hamann Originals-55
Audrey Hamann-55
B & B Molds-12
Bec Molds_12
Bell Molds-05
Bella Bambina-47
Betty Bailey-33
Beverly Parker-52
Bil Mac Molds-29
Boots Tyner-61
Bunny Morris and Paul
Byron Molds-01
Carolyn Kandt-Lloyd-75
Ceramichrome Molds-17
Cheri Chagall-65
Childhood Fantasies-55
Christina McDonald-25
Cindy Marschner Rolfe-26
Clay Magic-58
Collectible Doll Company-48
Connie Derick-32
Delite Molds-14
Dianna Effner-40
Doll Art Works-58
Doll House (DH) Molds-03
Dolls & Etc-99
Dom Molds-21
Dona's Molds-03
Donna RuBert-58
Dresden Porcelaian-22
Duncan Molds-15
Elaine Campbell-36
Elin Lindtner-43
Elke Hutchens-20
Emmy Chen-40
ES Molds-02
Evelyn Pfaffendorf-43
Faces Past-71
FayZah Spanos-38
Fire Box-26
Frances Lyn-47
Gare Molds-32
Gemini Molds-20
Gold Rush-18
Gwen McNeill-46
Gwen Ross-24
Holly Hunt-44
Image molds-19
Irish Mold-38
Irmas's Gallery Molds-42
Ja Mar Molds-13
Jan Garnett-50
Jane Zidjum-53
Jean & Ken Nordquist's-48
Jenifer Esteban-60
Jenifer Jones-64
John Nissen-02
Johns molds-09
Jones-Irish Mold-38
Julia Rueger-49
Julie Good Kruger-37
Kay McKee-89
Kaye Wiggs-25
Kelly RuBurt-58
Kimple Molds-31
Klowns by Kay-89
William Wallace-39
Lasting Impressions Molds-26
Laura Cobabe-63
Lincoln Molds-33
Linda Mason-45
Lorri Massina-77
Lucile Gerard-42
Larry Freeman
Maggie Head Kane-27
Marlena Nielsen(Sky)-66
Mary Van Osdell-51
McNees molds-08
Michele Girard-Kassis-14
Michele Mastel-71
Michele Severino-65
Morning Star-66
Mystic Molds-24
Nancy Mold-35
National Art Craft Molds-16
Ocean State-10
Olivia Molds-02
Otto Lindemann-43
Parker Livi-75
Paul V. Rostov-62
Paulette Aprile-58
PFC Molds-72
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Prestige Mold-75
Paulette Aprile-58
PFC Molds-72
PJ Molds-69
Provential molds-09
Real People Molds-66
Riverview Mold-06
Rocking Horse Molds-86
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Ruth Mattingly-46
Sam Molds-04
Santmire Mold-57
Seeley Mold, NYDP-02
Setter molds-77
SK Molds-78
Stangreen Molds-29
Suburban Molds-30
Sue Todd-34
Sun Dance Molds-24
Teady Bear Moldd-16
Terri DeHetre-38  (82)?
Tess Godfrey-50
The Doll Art Works-58
Theresa LoBue
Thelma Dufton-88
Thelma Resch-05
Theo Menzenbach-74
Val Shelton-44
Vera Scholz-70
Vicki Anguish-86
Vicki Hamilton
Vicki's Originals
Victoria Station-11
Victoria Station-11
Whitehorse Molds-04
Zavori Molds-27
Socket Head: Head cradles in the neck of porcelain or composition body, and Shoulder plate.
Shoulder head: head and shoulder are one complete part; usually attachés to a cloth, vinyl, leather or rare wood body
Modern Body Jointed=MB-JALT, Modern Body=MB-ALT, Baby Body=BB-ALT, Toddler Body=TB-ALT, Cloth Body=CB, French Body Jointed=FB-JALT,
SFBJ(French) Body Jointed=SFBJB-JALT, German Body Ball Jointed=GB-BJALT,
A.Marque Body Jointed=AMB-JALTH=Head or Shoulderhead or A=Arms or Hand, L=Legs, S=Shoulder Plate, T=Torso
Cloth body with porcelain arms=CA     Cloth body with porcelain arms & legs=CAL    Cloth body with porcelain arms, legs & shoulder plate=CALS
NOTE: If not in stock, the soft-fired green ware takes three weeks from pouring to send out; 1 week to pour, 1 week to dry and 1 week to soft
fire, for bisque another week.

The prices do not include shipping or packaging charges.  Because of the changes constantly being made in the costs of shipping, the shipping
charges cannot be figured on your order until it is packaged, weighed and measured.  Because of this, the price of your order including the
packaging charges will be billed when your order is placed and the shipping charges billed just prior to shipping.   Packaging charges are
determined by the type and size of your order.

You will then receive the shipping amount which must be paid before your order is shipped out to you.  Any breakage must be reported  within
24 hours of receipt of your parcel.
All dolls by modern artists and dolls of color are poured in French Bisque.  Antique reproduction dolls are poured in Lady White unless specified.
Additional colors, of limited availability, can be specified for an additional cost; Aztec Tan, French Chocolate and Brown Velvet.
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