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Stages of Porcelain Dolls and Miscellaneous Greenware
SOFT-FIRED GREENWARE STAGE (SFGW) -  Soft Fired is the first stage and is low fired
to cone 018 so it can be immersed in water to be able to work dust free. Cutouts for eyes,
pierced ears, and seams cleaning etc happens at this stage. Imperfections are corrected at
this stage before firing in kiln to cone 6.
SFGW requires minimum 3-4 weeks minimum from date of payment.

BISQUE STAGE - Porcelain is high-fired to cone 6 to reach the bisque stage. At this stage
the porcelain is fired for painting.  It is now ready to be sanded and polished for china
Bisque parts require minimum 4-6 weeks from date of payment.

PAINTED STAGE - Painted bisque has been thru the SFGW stage  and the Bisque stage.  
The bisque is china painted at this stage and painted according to doll artist or photo of
antique or vintage doll.  Then the porcelain goes thru more firings, as necessary, to cones
017 & 018. This is the third stage of completion in the doll making process.
Minimum 6-8 weeks to complete from date of payment.

KITS - Kits can be orderd in any personal choices ie SFGW, bisque or painted doll parts.
Kits include body pattern or optional sewn body. Can include eyes, lashes, pates or
skullcap, tie and connectors or armature. Wig can be ordered separately. The kit includes
porcelain parts only. Inquire on price for these options. All accessories can be obtained
from Dolls & Etc. Kits will be packaged and weighed after above choices have been
selected. Please contact us for prices.

Note:   Rare reproduction dolls require special china painting techniques and specifications
to be true to the authenticity of the doll.  Email me at, for price
quotes on these dolls.
Prices may be updated without notice.
Socket Head: Head cradles in the neck of porcelain or composition body, and Shoulder plate.
Shoulder head: head and shoulder are one complete part; usually attaches to a cloth, vinyl, leather or rare wood body
Modern Body Jointed=MB-JALT, Modern Body=MB-ALT, Baby Body=BB-ALT, Toddler Body=TB-ALT, Cloth Body=CB, French Body Jointed=FB-JALT,
SFBJ(French) Body Jointed=SFBJB-JALT, German Body Ball Jointed=GB-BJALT,
A.Marque Body Jointed=AMB-JALTH=Head or Shoulderhead or A=Arms or Hand, L=Legs, S=Shoulder Plate, T=Torso
Cloth body with porcelain arms=CA     Cloth body with porcelain arms & legs=CAL    Cloth body with porcelain arms, legs & shoulder plate=CALS
NOTE: If not in stock, the soft-fired greenware takes three weeks from pouring to send out; 1 week to pour, 1 week to dry and 1 week to soft fire, for
bisque another week.

The prices do not include shipping or packaging charges.  Because of the changes constantly being made in the costs of shipping, the shipping
charges cannot be figured on your order until it is packaged, weighed and measured.  Because of this, the price of your order including the packaging
charges will be billed when your order is placed and the shipping charges
You will then receive the shipping amount which must be paid before your order is shipped out to you.  Any breakage must be reported  within 24
hours of receipt of your parcel.
White unless specified. Additional colors, of limited availability, can be specified for an additional cost; Aztec Tan, French Chocolate and Brown Velvet.