Beautiful German Bisque
Glass-Eyed Lady, Model 128,
by Kling with Feathered
Decorations 900/1300
Doll size: 14.5" (37cm)
Painted eyes, or Eyes
Eyes 8mm-10mm
Circa:          1870
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21" (53 cm.) Bisque shoulder head
with blonde sculpted hair arranged in
elaborate curls at the forehead and
drawn back above the pierced ears
into tumbling curls at the back, with
decorative feathers at the crown,
brown glass inset eyes, dark eyeliner,
painted curly lashes, feathered brows,
accented nostrils and eye corners,
closed mouth with very full outlined
lips, muslin stitch-jointed body with
leather arms, beautiful antique lace
and silk gown. Condition: small
professional restoration at the top of
the head, possibly including feathers.
Marks: 128 8. Comments: C.F. Kling,
circa 1870. Value Points: very
beautiful model with lovely complexion,
regal presence.
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Complete Soft-Fired Greenware, Savanna
Smiles Doll or Parts
Complete Bisque, Savanna Smiles or Parts
Complete Painted, Savanna Smiles Doll or Parts
  Antique Doll
Bisque Turned
Head C. F.
Tone Hair
Pierced Ears
Body 25"
Eliza       Circa: 1870
Doll size 19" (48cm)
Pierced ears.
Painted Eyes, or 12mm,
Head cire. 8" (20cm),
Reference: Worksheet for Lady
Dolls WSLD2.
BP30 Cloth body with feet
BCP12 Body, jacket, skirt, blouse, slip,
hat, underwear
S188 ElizaC shoulder-head mold. Wt.
A9072 Arm mold. Wt. 3lbs.
L9621 Leg mold (optional). Wt. 11lbs.
2019 VALUE Price:
Stunning, so called "Turned-head"
German Lady from around 1880. Exactly
the same as Alexandra in Parian
Doll section, but with bald head.

Seeley 626 Alexandra w/arms, legs  $25.00 Cloth 12mm  ----- 20"
Doll size: 14.5" (37cm)
Painted eyes, or Eyes
Eyes 8mm-10mm
Circa:          1870
Antique Doll
CF Kling Dolls 1834-1941 German
14" Kling 1860's Parian Fancy Grecian Hairdo Green Boots Earrings
Doll size: 12" (30.48 cm)
Painted eyes,
Eyes 8mm-10mm