1913-1939 Effanbee Baby Grumpy doll or Grumpy doll, 14 & 20" tall, composition flange
head, lower arms, cloth stuffed body, upper arms and legs, side glancing painted eyes,
molded hair with a "grumpy" facial expression.  Earliest dolls are marked on the head with
the mold numbers 34, 104, 108, 172, DECO 174 or 176, later ones use the Effanbee Dolls
Walk Talk Sleep in an oval marking on the shoulder plate.  Copy of a Gebrüder Heubach
bisque head mold, with slight changes.

1915 Effanbee Aunt Dinah doll, 14-15" tall, black doll, composition flared head (uses the
Grumpy head mold smiling face), lower arms, cloth stuffed body, legs and upper arms,
painted black hair, brown eyes, open mouth, doll marked 104, 106 backwards.
Mc 0889
1928 Effanbee Patsy Ann doll, 19" tall, all composition, molded hair and some have a human
or mohair wig over the unpainted molded hair, sleep eyes some came with tin or glass; blue,
brown or green, closed mouth,
Mc 0880
Antique Doll
Effanbee F & B Dolls 1910-1939