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Bethany Sculpted by Audrey Hamann
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Stage of 27 inch doll, Wig Size 12-13
Doll Name
Bethany, Choose Different skin Slip Color
Doll Height: 27"  Child/Teen
Markings:  Becky Donna RuBert
Head Type: (Socket)
Mouth: closed mouth
Wig Size: 14-15
Wig Style: Denise # 133
Wig Color: Light Strawbery
Eyes: 22-24 mm (Oval glass flat back eyes with natural eye
color and depth.)
Suggested Eye Color:  Brown
Eyelashes Style 13
Body: Cloth
Included Porcelain Parts:
Pattern Body: Item
Pattern Outfit Available:
Shoe Size:
Work Sheet
Used Mold Head only
Price: $ 185.00