Jorden Sculpted by Gail McCardle
NOTE: Estimated time for SFGW is 3-4 weeks minimum from date of payment. Estimated time for bisque parts is minimum 4-6 weeks from date of payment.
Painted stage requires minimum 6-8 weeks to complete from date of payment.
All dolls by modern artists and dolls of color are poured in French Bisque.  Antique dolls are poured in Lady White porcelain. Additional color choices, of
limited availability, can be for an additional fee; Aztec Tan, French Chocolate and Brown Velvet.
Baby Series
ID: 7-
Doll Height:  10" (25.40m)
Mouth: Open [x ], Closed [ ] # of
Teeth [ 6], Open/closed [  ]
Ears  pierced:  Yes [  ] No [ x ]
Head Circum:  5" (12.70cm),
Head: Flange [x ]or Socket [  ]
Shoulder head [  ]
Wig Size:  5-6
Pate Size: 2in
Eyes 10mm
Neck Button
Shoe Size:
Body Type: Cloth [ x ] Porcelain [  ]
Parts Used: Head and 3/4"Arms and 3/4'
Baby legs
Available Separately:
Body Patterns:
Outfit Pattern:
Used molds available: .
wt. lbs, Head Price $110.00
Used Arms:  $33.00
Used Legs:   $45.00
Contact for Prices:
NOTE: Additional postage possible after weight calculated.
Remember to choose your doll stage, other options and color of slip separately.
We reproduce dolls and other items from molds made by the original Sculptor or Sculptress.  You may purchase dolls or other items in various stages:
Complete Soft-Fired Greenware, Name Doll or Parts
Complete Bisque, Name Doll or Parts
Complete Painted, Name Doll or Parts