Porcelain Snow Babies
Soft fired greenware(SFGW), Bisque or  Finished(painted)
NOTE: If not in stock, the soft-fired greenware takes three weeks from pouring to send out; 1 week to pour, 1 week to dry and 1 week to
soft fire. Final Shipping/handling costs calculated when packaged and weighed.
Snow Baby Standing leaning forward 3in height 1180a, , Choose Option
Snow Baby Standing w/Arms up 3in height 1180b, Choose Option
Snow Baby Sitting 2 3/8in height, 1181a, Choose Option
Snow Baby Kneeling 2 5/8in height, 1181b, Choose Option
Snow Baby throwing a snowball 3in height, 1182a, Choose Option
Snow Babys, Pair, 3in x3 1/8in, item 1182b, Choose Option
Snow Baby Falling 2 3/8in height, 1183a, Choose Option
Snow Baby for Shelf, 1183b, Choose Option
Check  Mini
Snow Baby-with Snowball 3in height, 1242a, Choose Option
Snow Baby-with one arm up, 3in height, 1242b, Choose Option
Snow Babys Standing 3 1/4in height, 1247a, Choose Option
Snow Babys Standing3 1/4in height, 1247b, Choose Option
Snow Baby w/bird 3 3/8, item 1255a, Choose Option
Snow Baby w/star3 3/8, item 1255b, Choose Option
Snow Baby On Moon,2 3/8x3in height, item 1256a, Choose Option
Snowbaby sitting w/head in hands 2 3/8in height, 1256b, Choose Option
Snowbabies on Skis, 3 1/2in height, item 1257a, Choose Option
Snowbabies on Ice skates, 3 1/2in height, item 1257b, Choose Option
Igloo,3 3/8in height x 5 1/2in width, item 1259, Choose Option
Snow Baby 3.5in w/teddy,iten, 1278a, Choose Option
Snow Baby holding Sock 3 3/4 height, item 1278b, Choose Option
"Snow Baby w/Music string Inst.3 3/8in height , 1279a, Choose Option
Snow Baby w/accordian Music Inst. 3 3/8in height, item ,1279b,, Choose Option
Snowbaby w/bell, 3 1/2in height, item 1280a, Choose Option
Snowbaby w/drum, 3 1/2in height, item 1280b, Choose Option
Snowbaby w/bird, 3 1/2in height, item 1282a, Choose Option
Snowbaby w/basket, 3 1/2in height, item 1282b, Choose Option
Snowbaby tumbling, 3 1/2in height, item 1284a, Choose Option
Snowbaby tumbling 3 1/2in height, item 1284b, Choose Option