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Master Eye Bevelers
Master Eye Bevelers work on wet or dry
porcelain heads to size the eyes.
Choose size 4mm thru 34mm
Eye Wax
Eye setting Tool
Item Number:  
Price $2.99

Donegan Optical DA5 OptiVISOR
Binocular Magnifier, Glass Lens. 2.5x
at a 8 inch Focal Length. Made in USA.
Item: 25-EDA5   
A must have!
List Price: $37.99
High Impact visor - Provides a tough, durable,
always new appearance.
Genuine Leather Comfort Band - Padded with
orthopedic felt adds to comfort.
S Hooks   Set of
four  $1.25
Doll Compound to set
eyes or set S hooks in
arms and legs.  
Approximately  16 oz.
Retail $4.95
  Acrylic Eyes
Glass Eyes