Porcelain Slip
3 liter bag boxed for shipping
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The finest porcelain
formulas, once produced by
and New York Doll Products

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For over 50 years, dollmakers and porcelain artists used Seeley’s porcelain slip to create the world’s most beautiful pieces. Artists knew that when
they started with Seeley’s porcelain slip they started with the best. That’s because only the finest  ingredients were used and each batch was tested
to make sure it matched exacting standards. After extensive testing by ceramic engineers and experienced artists, the slip is thoroughly blended and
then undergoes a two-step filtration process.

Easy to mix and pour!
Strong in the greenware.
Extended firing range makes for no-fault firing.
Slips fire to bisque, a beautiful translucent.
Our 3 litre (14 LB) plastic bag is boxed for easy handling and environmentally better than petroleum-based jugs!
Slip  Colors
French Bisque: World's best known flesh-colored slip for
dolls. Very strong in greenware and firing
Lady White:  especially developed for  ornaments, lace
draping, figurines and dolls
Aztec Tan: Golden skin tone for many Mediterranean,
American Indian and Latin complexions. Also good for lace
draping. Matching china paint: Aztec Glow.
Brown Velvet: Specially developed for black and dark
brown dolls. Matching china paint: Brown Velvet Glow.
French Chocolate: Creamy, milk chocolate tone for
lighter brown and ethnic dolls. Matching China paint: Brown
Velvet Glow
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